Susan + Kevin | Engaged

Susan & Kevin’s engagement shoot in old town Alexandria was almost TOO easy — they were easy to hold conversation with, they were flexible with whatever ideas I brought to the table, and they went straight into being their cute lovey-dovey selves—without me having to pose them. Which is really the point, right? The challenge I’m constantly faced with is how to make ‘my couple’ feel as comfortable as possible, so that they can let me into their world and allow me to capture that side of them; the side that they so often bring out when others aren’t looking. So when a complete stranger invades these moments, it’s pretty uncomfortable to “just be yourself.”

I get so happy when the vibes are great right at the start (you know I live for good vibes) and Susan and Kevin made it happen. It was smooth sailing from there. We wandered around downtown Alexandria and experienced everything that day had to offer: the pretty sunlight, the old buildings, backdrop of the water.

The only setback was it was FREEZING outside–but even that made for an even better shoot, because what better way to escape the cold than in your love’s arms? 🙂

Susan is such a natural in front of the lens—the camera just loves her!

  • Kimmie - Carly I love your engagement photos! Will definitely keep you in mind when that time comes! <3 ReplyCancel

  • Mike Foley - I really like the one one the cobblestones in front of the door! ReplyCancel

  • Susan Wood - Carly is amazing to work with! She is super nice and let us be ourselves. Even in the freezing wind, she managed to get the perfect shot everytime. I'm so glad that we used her to capture our love for our engagement portraits. I would recommend her to all of my friends. I would definitely work with Carly again. Thank you so much for everything!! 🙂 ReplyCancel

  • Vanja Basaric - Absolutely love the new photos. The scenery is perfect and you caught them at the best and most lovey-dovey moments! This couple is adorable, just looking at these pictures makes me happy! ReplyCancel

  • Chad Ainsworth - Excellent contrast and exposure. I love the photoshop work you do with the colors and exposure after taking the photo. Excited to see more! ReplyCancel

  • Brooke - as always carly you have done an amazing job! I talk about you all the time and constantly show my friends your work! Always excited when i hear you did a shoot because i cant wait to see the pictures! always the best scenery but then again i think with your eye it doesnt matter where your shoot would be, a fabulous picture will be captured:) love you biggie and if for some crazy reason I ever get engaged, I got your number 😉 ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - Carly I love this shoot! The way you've captured the way they interact with one another is wonderful; it is very apparent that they are very happy together and have a great love for each other! ReplyCancel

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