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I could give you this whole schpeal about “oh, I’ve wanted to be a photographer since I was just a little girl” and la-de-dah.

Yeah, well, that’s not true.

I wanted to be a lot of things when I was little. First, it was a dancer. Then a vet. I even remember wanting to be a bird, and how it was so unfair that society said that I couldn’t. Psh, what do they know? I just do what I love, whatever that happens to be at the moment.

If you REALLY wanted to get to know me, I suppose you could give me a call. Or a holler, a tweet, a message, an invitation to dinner?

To sum it up, I really relate to this:

“In a world of black of white, I live in the shades of gray”

… and a little color here & there ;]


Invitations Perth - Great photo, nice colors

Kelly Packard - Hi there,

You were referred to me by Randi Honey. I am researching photographers for my Oct 12, 2013 wedding at a barn outside of Richmond, VA. If you're available and interested, would you please send me your pricing info and what that includes? Thanks very much.


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