Back to Basics

HO WOW! You guys. I can’t say enough good things about this camera. The Hasselblad is an instrument of genius. The way it works is simple. It’s completely manuel and I have to light meter the subject and everything. It’s totally old school. Yet TOTALLY perfect exactly the way it is. It makes me wonder how digital photography ever thought they could mess with this amazingness! I mean, weren’t they intimidated?! Anyways, I still loooove my Canon. But the fun and the colors and the deliberateness with working with film is just way too much fun. It’s truly making me fall back in love with photography… and is keeping me motivated to CREATE!

I played around with Susan, a new up-and-coming photographer and my second shooter for a couple weddings comin’ up! Watch out ;]

And now for my bff Krystal… her gorgeousness permeates through the lens. She is a natural Marilyn :]


  • tom - These are very nice but at 10K-30K for a digital back the 36Mp Nikon D800 is looking pretty good! (don't forget you'll need a new computer and a new 10TB drive!! How big where the scans? ReplyCancel

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