Best Friends & Doggie Happy Hour

Before I flood my blog with two incredibly beautiful weddings from this past weekend, I wanted to fill you in a little on my life.

I’m pretty lucky to have a best friend who lives in Old Town Alexandria. For those of you not too familiar with the place… it’s a magical (historic) land right on the water, full of cute boutiques, cobble stone roads, and great vibes. Whenever I need my fix, I just gather up my office (aka my computer, camera equipment, ipad…basically my life) and head on up and stay with her. This past week, I spent some quality time with Krystal and her boyfriend Kyle, and we happened to stumble upon an amazing little place called Doggie Happy Hour. This is especially exciting for us, because we are huge dog enthusiasts!

There’s something special about the connection between a human and a dog. I have 3 pupppies at home, and there’s no therapy like bonding with them. I love them all so much it hurts. Dixie, the chestnut lil munchkin in the middle, is getting up there in age. Much of the time when I cuddle with her, I’m on the verge of tears because I hate to imagine life without her. I know the day will come and I have to cherish today for what it is, but those reminders are tough when love gets in the way.


Okay! Back from  Super Sappy Land. I get caught up when it comes to them ^^^!

Here is a day of exploring downtown  🙂 LOVE this lighting! This special reflective light in-between buildings is my favorite.
I had to stop and capture them 🙂 Ah, young loveee

This was where we met a pilot who told us about happy hour, where a bunch of dogs meet together in this little cove in between buildings. His bond with his dog is especially inspirational — he’s writing a story about how Oliver helped him through his trials abroad. So sweet!
Meet George & Martha — a playful pair who looked like a two-headed creature! But still cute 🙂 Then I made Krystal pose for me — it helps that she’s a model ;]

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