Katie + Dan


The forecast called for a storm. Not just any storm either… it was a follow-up from the previous night’s catastrophic mess which ended in power outages for 1.2 million people and broken tree limbs that dominated the roads. The gorgeous venue was no exception; the power was out and it was at least 90 degrees inside. Yet despite there being no air conditioning inside (which would cause any other bride to flip her lid)… Katie remained remarkably poised. In fact, she handled it in a way that I will never forget. Whenever a problem was brought to her attention, she coolly replied, “It’s fine. All I care about is marrying Dan.”

Their ceremony was so beautiful. A string quartet played The Beatles as she glided down the aisle to her soulmate. She promised to let him play every Call of Duty game that comes out and start wearing a bell whenever they go out shopping so she doesn’t get lost. He promised to let her “watch the Real Housewives…on occasion” and protect her from the zombie apocalypse. Too perfect.

The rest of the day was amazing and uplifting. Despite the forecast being dark and stormy, everyone knows that Katie and Dan’s future is sunny and bright! Congrats, guys :]

Venue: Castle Hill Cider

Caterer: Beggar’s Banquet

Cake: Maliha Creations

Flowers: A New Leaf Florist

Hair: Debbie Osbourn

Makeup: BrideFace Richmond

DJ: DJ Sound Enforcement

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