Kimberlee + Matt

No one tells their story quite like the way they do. I got this from their wedding website, and think it paints their love perfectly:

{   When it comes to love at first sight, Matt Murphy agrees with John Lennon: it happens all the time.  It must.

Not the Hollywood version of it, of course: the run-toward-one-another-amidst-a-chorus-of-exultant-violins experience.  If you believe in that, you should cancel your cable subscription.

Rather, the way people encounter even perfect strangers for the first time, and become immediately fascinated and quietly enamored by one another.  Matt and Kim shared this experience one December day in 2007 at the famed Rhino Bar and Pumphouse, the Georgetown watering hole owned by Kim’s Uncle Britt.  They met and spoke briefly at first, each sensing in the other something very special, something somehow worn by the other but yet intangible and unseen, some mysterious and intriguing quality that was never sought after by either, but, thank goodness, it was recognized by both.

Years later, Matt and Kim identified a few of the love spell’s ingredients.  Aside from being the most devastatingly gorgeous creature Matt had ever seen, Kim was gentle, caring, sweet-hearted, funny, and even, somehow, pleasantly susceptible to Matt’s jokes.  Kim had never met anyone so loving, strong, and beautiful, not to mention anyone with such sturdy, durable ears.

The two fell madly in love.  They would giggle and run through meadows by day, feast on vegetarian delicacies by night.  Eventually, they moved into an apartment together, and nine months later, brought into their home an adorable little puppy: Ralphie.  Ralphie is now three years old and will be the ring bearer at Matt and Kim’s wedding.  Careful when you see him in October, mind you.  He doesn’t bite, but he is irresistible to women.   }

Pretty great, right?? I think my favorite has to be that they are BOTH vegetarians. So it goes without saying…. I am REALLY looking forward to shooting their wedding this October!!! Congrats, guys! –C

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