Kristen + Kenny

Kristen first moved to northern Virginia in 1999, as she just began the 8th grade. One of her first friends was Brad Prindle, who she met through a neighbor. That summer was one she’d remember forever. She and Brad grew close, enjoying their walks to Blockbuster and Burger King (those were the days, huh??) and going to the Prindle’s to watch Brad and his older brother, Kenny, play street hockey. Kristen admired Kenny from afar, and feelings of a crush grew. She knew better, however… she was just known as “his little brothers friend”… or so she thought.

Kristen went away to Switzerland for a semester to study abroad, never realizing Ken has a similar attraction. Through the distance they actually grew closer, talking almost every night. Once Kristen’s semester was finished, their relationship had formed and they’ve been together ever since.

Kenny had followed his lifelong dream of joining the Navy and Kristen stuck right by him, knowing that distance would separate them once again. But since that was how their relationship began, they knew they could handle it like champs. It’s a lesson I know too well, with my Mike being in Africa. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. Congratulations, guys! – C



Venue/Catering: Westfield Marriott

DJ: Kirk Rubley

Cake: Carol Mayfield

Flowers: Maryam Flowers

Makeup: Cris Santley of Star Makeup Studio

Hair: Sylvia Ghassemieh


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