Everything about Megan and Dave’s wedding day screamed elegance. From their beautiful bouquets to the carefully handcrafted blue glass centerpieces — hand-blown and designed by Megan’s Dad! — every detail made their day perfectly amazing and memorable.

Seeing Megan write a handwritten note to Dave right before they walked down the aisle to marry one another. Watching Megan receive a gorgeous bouquet of red roses and a sweet note from Dave. These small gestures speak volumes of who these individuals are and how they grew to love each other. Love in indeed a verb and an action and watching these two actively love each other was truly special. I am so happy for you both!! — C

Dave surprised Megan with a wedding day bouquet of roses & a sweet note — take notes, boys! :]

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  • Tom S. - You guys look GREAT! What a storybook wedding! Congratulations! ReplyCancel

  • Zay Smith - You are Two of My Most favorite people. I am so proud to know you both have found love unified forever. God Bless You in your marriage and May the Lord multiply your offspring to have the all the wonderful gifts and talents He has placed on the inside of their parents. May Lord continue to prosper your household finances and careers. Please stay in touch and thank you for sharing!

    Best, Zay XoXoXo's ReplyCancel

Eduarda & Charles’ story begins at a swimming pool in mid-July. Eduarda had just moved into DC and was getting adjusted to the city life when she decided to go to the pool with some friends, and met the nicest and most interesting — not to mention handsome — guy. Although not really expecting to delve into a relationship so soon after moving, she simply couldn’t deny the chemistry that happened that day at the pool. They went on a follow-up date almost immediately and right afterward, her roommate noted how ‘glow-y’ she was afterwards. As their bond grew stronger, they both began to fall fast. Eduarda called Hanna, her best friend and maid of honor within the two weeks of dating to tell her, “This is crazy, but mark my words, I WILL marry this man.”  Sometimes when ya know, ya know!

Their love is ever apparent when they are together. Charles is sweet, with kind eyes and an open disposition. He is a man of action. He owns a successful nightclub in DC, Heist, and has had his private pilot license for some time, which is where the theme of our shoot began.

Naturally their engagement shoot was their idea, a fusion of their style and love story. A vintage shoot at a small Maryland airport Charles learned how to fly at.

I really couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful couple for a photographer’s dream shoot – complete with their friend and stylist/designer Tim Sheldon. It was an amazing day made better by the wonderful company. What sets Charles, Eduarda and their friends like Tim apart is not their professional successes or beauty, which they have in spades, but the humility with which it is dispatched.

The shoot itself was gorgeous. The small propeller planes, the light, the vintage clothes and the MG convertible. Eduarda, as you will see is hands down one of the most beautiful and natural subjects I have photographed.

As Charles lifted Eduarda into the small US Navy plane, Tim looked back shouting enthusiastically,

“Co-pilot for life!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Their sweet ‘teenage boy’ Winston was naturally the star of the show.. he was also a model! I’ve never seen an animal so happy and comfortable in front of the lens.


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Baby Carter Michael is one lucky little boy. At just one week old, he was welcomed into his new home with a new beautiful nursery, 3 new furry siblings, and 2 very loving parents. No wonder he was so anxious to get here! At just 5 teeny lbs., Baby Carter has a whole lot of power and is already breaking hearts. Congrats again to the Burns family’s newest addition! 

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Little babies from the rural parts of Ethiopia were cute enough… but Mike’s kindergarten class? WOW. All of them stole my heart. They were so welcoming and eager to talk to me and full of light and love. Their faces and enthusiasm and pure joy out of just being near you is enough to make you want to drop whatever it is you’re doing in your life at that moment and hug and squeeze and cuddle with them FOREVER. Okay, I think I made my point. I just miss them dearly.

When I first met them, I was pretty shocked. Mike made them excited about my visiting every time they held class, so they were pretty excited a few days ahead. They made signs with my name and little handprints. By the time I popped my face inside of their window in their tiny mud-built classroom, I was overwhelmed with their reaction. The whole class jumped out of their seat and raced to fight over who would get to hold my hand and literally tackled me with kisses and hugs. I almost fainted with happiness.

His class made me sort of stop and admire how innocent children truly are.  They are pretty cut off from technology and the fast-paced life of the Western world, and although difficult to keep up with information at times, it’s really a blessing in their community. They are able to carry on with life as it’s been done for thousands of years and there are many family get-togethers and not to many “I can’t make it, I’m so behind on work” excuses. I saw a great quote recently by philosopher Lao Tzu:

“ If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present. ”

Everyone has nostalgia, perhaps regret, and anxiety about their future, but overwhelmingly I saw that Ethiopians knew how to live in the present. Isn’t that what life is about?


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