The Big Apple

I’ve been intimidated by NYC since forever. I have tons of friends who have made the leap and moved up here.. and I kept putting off visiting them. I’ve had this weird fear that I’d go up there and give it all I’d got and then it would spit me out in the trenches with the rest of them. And that’s kinda how it works. See, people move up to NYC when they become the “big fish” in their pond. Now, I am not a big fish by ANY means… which is precisely why I wasn’t ready for NYC yet. But Mike found this job posting that I simply had to come up here and check out myself.

The position was for a Creative Director at a non-profit, Nyaya, which means the “realization of just systems.” They are an amazing organization that helps raise money and awareness for Nepal’s rural towns, some towns with only 1 doctor per 260,000 people. The person they were looking for was someone who’d had experience in this line of work (volunteering and spending 3 months in Ethiopia, check), having an entrepreneurial approach to tasks (check), and I’m familiar with Adobe Suite like it’s the back of my hand. Next?

This opportunity sounded perfect for me… almost too good to be true. The director set up an interview in less than a day, so off I went. Off to NYC without an ounce to prepare. You can imagine what I was thinking. I barely remember the train ride up, and I imagine I looked like a distressed college student with all the notecards I had to prepare for the interview. Me?? In the corporate world?! When and how did this happen?!? Could I juggle this and wedding photography? Too many questions buzzed around and I felt faint.

I stayed with Sofia my best friend from high school, who happens to live in the heart of Manhattan. Having her and her roommates help me gather my strength really helped me so much. The interview went really well. I showed up in my new H&M skirt I bought on 5th Ave and heels I could barely balance in, but somehow I pulled it off. I showed off my video I made of my time in Ethiopia, some prints I made for Mike’s fundraising event for his Sheta School in Bonga, and my travel photography website I just finished. And then I waited.

And waited.

And that’s how it works.

No matter what you have to offer, or how excited you would be to work in a position like that, you have to know that those who flock to New York are the best of the best. It taught me a valuable lesson on patience, and knowing that you always have a plan. Maybe I was supposed to come up here and face my fear and really get a feel for the city. I’ve realized I LOVE NYC SO MUCH… but also, if it’s not the right time, it’s not the right time.

Plus, our back-up plan included Mike’s HOMECOMING AHHHHH!!! And we have plans to move to Panama in the next few months, so how can I really complain? ;]

Here are a few of the past week’s Instagrams to catch you up…

Sofia’s neighborhood closed down a street and played stickball… complete with free beer for all.
Mac & cheese egg rolls, anyone?

My sweet Sofia!

Mike’s “good luck” flowers :]

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