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The City Where East Meets West


Sounds amazing!!!!! Jealous, I know the same feeling. Two months in India changed my life! Cannot wait to see more pictures!

"I can think for myself again. On that note… . It’s pretty cool to feel like I’m stepping back in time and forced to interact with people to get anything done. Who would have thought that life existed without cell phones? I can hear my conscience more, instead of the cluttered world of the web weighing in and yelling out my list of to-do’s."

Brilliant, girl! I felt the same way when I was in Europe. I was so freeing to not have the internet (much) or cellphones to tie your thoughts down and clog brain. But try to use it (a little) just to keep us inspired and posted! This is amazing, this is going to be life changing for you, I'm so excited! Have fun and be safe!


Be a photo journalist. Your view on life is incredibly unique and needs to be seen.
I know that you're going to return to the states a different person. The Old Blue cheeks have been guessing at what you're wearing, what you're doing, what you've said, what you're eating etc. since you arrived. Sadly this time it's no joke, we're dying to know what's going on.
Soak it up!

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